T.G.I.S. // Week 14

Heavenly Ski Resort in Tahoe… the view from the top of this run was gorgeous!

(View from the Gondola) Someone took the time to hike up the mountain and profess his love for Tahoe using sticks. Now that is true love, folks!

Look at the beautiful scenery! This is the exact spot where I crashed into my uncle seven years ago, and completely took him out. . Keep in mind, he’s six-foot-something and I was four-foot-nothing; don’t underestimate me.

At least I didn’t run into a tree…

These looked better in my head. High-altitude baking is quite interesting. And yes, that is a windowsill in the hotel. According to my uncle (whom I crashed into), they look like pelican nests. Close enough.

Ever wonder where I get my perfectionist/anal-retentive tendicies from? Here’s the answer. This is my father’s handiwork.  I’m not even going to go into detail about his plate-stacking and packing obsessions.

Until next year, Heavenly!

Happy weekend!

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