T.G.I.S. // Weeks 16-22

Weeks 16-22… ouch. I’ve been busy, and taking pictures was not exactly at the top of my list of priorities. But, now I’m back and I’m trying something new! I think I like this collage thing; it takes up less space and I don’t have to worry about all the pictures looking perfect. What do you think?

1) A small miracle occurred on May 15th… I survived the AP European history test. It was a miserable experience, and I hate whoever came up with the AP system. I became one with the Princeton Review and my textbook for the first two weeks of May. Fun, right? Not at all. But, when I finished that test… it was one of my happiest moments this year. I basked in post-AP bliss for a good two days. Then I remembered that I still have a Euro final on the last day of school, so I should start studying again. Darn.

2) I also survived Junior Issue of our school newspaper, which was an enormous miracle. It only took 33 interviews and one episode of public crying to get through it. It was more stressful than usual because we all assumed our new positions for next year. So, in my case, I inherited the role of Feature section editor (yay!). However, since we don’t have the new staff writers for next year yet, all editors had to write their normal number of stories AND edit their sections. Somehow, I ended up writing about our teachers’ union’s attempts to negotiate salary increases. Yes, that experience was just as bad as it sounds. Oh. My. Goodness. If you’re a school board member for our district and you’re reading this right now, I have a message for you: WILL YOU JUST GIVE THE TEACHERS A DANG RAISE ALREADY? DO YOU HEAR ME? SHEESH! I’m really not interested in writing about work actions, contract days, or strikes. Just sayin’.

3) If there’s a box, the boys will park their furry bottoms in it.

4) I procrastinated too much for the AP Euro test, so I’m getting a head start on AP US history for next year. Just kidding, I just bought the books and shoved them under my bed. Get pumped!!

5) Waffles and smoothies for Mother’s Day. Love you, Mom!

6) I want to buy the entire Anthropologie store. Why does all their stuff have to be soo pricey?

7) Late happy birthday to my Aunt Ruth! So sorry I couldn’t wish you a happy b-day in person, but I hope you had a great day! I’ll see you this summer!

Happy Weekend!

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