I write the “Recipe of the Issue” page for my snewspaper. Yay Blueprint, whooo!!! (hehehe… oyyy)

The zucchini cake is legendary, by the way. Legendary. #bp4lyfe

Issue 1: Zucchini Cream-Cheese Pound Cake

Issue 2: Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream

Issue 3: Simple Sweet Dough for Cinnamon & Dinner Rolls

Issue 4: Nutella Marshmallows

Issue 5: Browned-Butter Rice Krispie Hearts

Issue 6: Mac ‘n Cheese Bites

Issue 7: Rosemary Bread

Issue 8: Magic Custard Cake with Strawberry Balsamic Sauce


Aaaand here we go again!!!


Issue 1: Browned-Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Issue 2: We’re not going to talk about issue two, okay? Okay.

Issue 3: Pumpkin Cake with Browned-Butter Icing