The #1 Thing The Keto Diet Is Missing… (It’s Not What You Expect)

If you’ve been on the “Keto Diet” for any amount of time, but haven’t seen the results you’ve been looking to achieve yet, this might be one of the most important articles you’ll ever read…

As most already know, the “Keto Diet” is extremely effective & I’m pretty sure most everyone agrees that the diet actually works…

But after months of personally being on the diet, I’ve found the results just weren’t adding up, even after cutting out nearly ALL carbs from my diet (which wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do by the way).

Don’t get me wrong – I was definitely losing some weight, but not nearly as much as I was wanting to lose; in fact – although I was losing some pounds here and there, I didn’t really feel any differently…

It just didn’t really seem worth it to keep going – by cutting out all of my favorite foods for such minimal results… So I put in a last effort to try to understand the science behind Ketones, and most of all, why the diet actually works.

I Discovered Why I Wasn’t Getting Results

I had read that you can actually see if you’re in Ketosis by Ketone Strips, so I went ahead and ordered some strips to see if I was actually in Ketosis, and to my amazement, when they arrived and I tested myself, I was barely in Ketosis (which is the whole goal of the entire diet)…

So I did some more research and although I was keeping the carbs down to a minimal and adding more fats into my diet and, I was barely in the state of Ketosis

It was very disappointing, especially since I had been disciplining myself to give up on my favorite foods… So I did some more digging & found someone on a forum board who was in the same dreadful situation I was and what they did to change it.

What My Keto Diet Was Lacking…

The forum user then explained that he was not seeing results after being on the diet for quite some time, until he used a specific “Keto Enhancer” – as he called it…

He was explaining that he tried this brand new product called “Keto Pure” and that he had accelerated his body into Ketosis which helped his body burn body fat instead of carbs after using the supplement, and was unable to do this before!

Without thinking twice, I looked the product up, saw it had a ton of 5-stars reviews and immediately ordered it.

The Bottle Arrived – Fingers Crossed!

After about 3 days after we ordered the bottle, the product arrived in the mail. I looked at the packaging and it looked very attractive! (Which was a very good sign)

I read the directions and it said to take two capsules before breakfast, since it was the end of the day already – I decided to just give it a go in the morning.

I proceeded to take the Keto Pure Capsules that following morning & by that afternoon, I could definitely feel my body in a different state. It wasn’t a negative feeling, but actually felt like I had a ton more energy & proceeded to get actually more work done than I usually do. Amazing!

That wasn’t all – it also suppressed my appetite and I could get along with actually eating less food, which I actually loved. I felt lighter and also felt like I was on fire. I’m already loving this so much!

Conclusion – After A Few Weeks of Use

Now fast-forward to today, it’s been a few weeks and I can’t say that I’ve seen better results from Keto Pure since I’ve been on the diet. I’ve accelerated my weight loss, all while not making me not crave my precious carbs that I used to love so much, and even while eating lower portions!

Believe me – I’m a food fanatic, to say I love food would be an understatement, but I am getting along with eating the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life and this supplement has helped me light a fire that I’ve never really noticed before.

If you’re looking to get results, I would say without a doubt that you need to give this a try!

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T.G.I.S. // Week 11

It’s been one R.O.U.G.H. week.

Sync or swim. I have a renewed appreciation for my cousin’s sport. It’s grueling. Writing about it is also quite a challenge.

Devil lady earned herself another three emojis. Her ridiculousness is extremely entertaining. Stop bothering me lady.

I am soo not impressed.

Turn the sink on, woman! I’m PARCHED.

I also recorded a nice little voice memo of this little sassmaster snoring. Actually, I think he was unintentionally suffocating himself. Don’t worry, I woke him up after two minutes of snorting and nose-whistles.

Thank goodness this week is over. The next will be better! Disneyland, here I come!